What do you want to Change?
The reasons for renovations vary from home to home. You may need to repair or replace part of your homes exterior to keep the weather out, or perhaps you want to modernize the interior. Perhaps you have a child on the way, or one that has recently moved out, making room for that craftroom or home office you have been wanting. Your renovations should provide you with improved function, comfort and convenience. Regardless of the change you wish to make, thinking through the "why and what" you want changed serves as the foundation of your plan. Good planning is the basis of all success. But where do you start?

Determine your priorities

Make a list of everything you want to change. This list includes your "Must-Do" renovations as well as things you would like to change if your budget allows. Ensure to include the items you do like about your home, so that you can relay this to our team. Its important we know what to preserve "As-Is".

Fitting into your life

Describe how this area you want changed fits into your life. Why is this space not working for you? Make sure you get the input of all family members. It is easy to overlook the inconvenient aspects of your home when you have lived with it day in and day out.


* The kitchen is too small for our family of five. Meal prep is a nightmare.


* Two teens and two adults with one bathroom is beyond stressful.


* The windows in our bedroom are so small, it feels like a cave.


Careful consideration of your home's use of space, the movement of people within that space, your lifestyle and the natural light all contribute to how you feel about your home. If any of these factors are not working, that is where you should start. It will make the difference to a renovation you enjoy initially to one you love for life.

Be Realistic

Be realistic about the time a project will take to get started and to complete. Consider its full costs, and add at least a 10 per cent contingency for changes and unexpected conditions. Have a frank discussion with your family on the impact the project will have on the daily operation of your home and activities.

Take careful consideration of how this renovation will affect your day to day life. Is your kitchen going to be completely redone? Is the only bathroom in the house going to be out of commission for 2 weeks? Some repairs you can live around. Others, may require you rent a hotel for a few days, or stay with family or friends. Be sure you have this all in place to ensure the renovation and your life runs as smoothly as possible.  

Try these handy worksheets, they may help you with this process.



knowledge is power

The Kitchen

check list

The Bathroom

check list

Get Started


Rocking the Room

Handy Graph Paper