Lets talk. Life changed in March 2020 for all of us as a collective. Some people were sent home because their business put them in too close of contact with the general public. Others stayed on the front line to help keep some semblance of normalcy in our crazy world. And at Handyman Rex, we do what we always do. We saw a problem and we fixed a problem.

Let us introduce "Covid19 Walkup Doors".

Life has to go on. The human spirit is not one to roll over and give up. We can still do our jobs and keep each other safe. While the doors in these videos were made for insurance companies to allow for the passing of paperwork, these can be customized. Whats your business? Takeout food bags? Auto Parts? Hair Products? School Homework? Why stop there? If we can dream it, we can build it.

These doors are designed to keep you and your staff safe physically, while you go about the business of staying in business.

Call the team at Handyman Rex. Lets not just survive. Lets thrive.

Be Safe